The Ultimate Formula for a Successful Romantic Relationship for Mathematicians v.2021–03


SRR = min(total mental resistance) + min (total unmet needs) →

SRR = max(total Ease) + min (total bugs away from Peace and Harmony) →

// we note that Ease ∈ Needs

SRR = max (needs met) iff SRR = min (needs unmet) →

LivingLife = min (needs unmet) iff LivingLife = max(total joy throughout life with zero time discount)


💎Joy (with zero time discounting) is the ultimate worthwhile goal 💎

🌿 Joy (with zero time discounting) requires some next-level Intellect with the latest behavioural economic theories and Emotional Intelligence and beyond



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Ben H

🕊 Consultant, Counselor, Mediator, Facilitator, Trainer on Nonviolent Communication. 🦒