The Ultimate Algorithm for the Most Awesomes Life v.2021–03

interface NVC {   self_empathy()

// person.feelingsNow and needsNow are assigned
Set<Need> what_is_alive_in_self()
}class Person implements NVC {
}get_enlightened {
self_empathy(person) {}stop_procrastination_to_work_on(task, person) {
feeling = get_in_touch_with_feeling(person.body)
breath_meditation(TEN_SECONDS, person.body)
needs_met = identify_needs_met_by_not_doing(task)
needs_unmet = identify_needs_unmet_by_not_doing(task)
agreed = request(person, "am I willing to do " + task)
if (agreed) {
person.arouse_motivation() // or accountability partnership or other strategies
do_it_mindfully(task, person)
} else {
int buddhahood_score(being) {
h = distance(being, State.Harmony)
p = distance(being, State.Peace)
w = distance(being, State.Wisdom)

return magic(h,p,w)
}boolean is_a_buddha(being) {
return buddhahood_score(being) == Enlightenment.Zero
}boolean is_a_boddhisatva(being) {
return buddhahood_score(being) >= Enlightenment.BODDHISATVAHOOD_THRESHOLD
focus() {





🕊 Consultant, Counselor, Mediator, Facilitator, Trainer on Nonviolent Communication. 🦒

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Ben H

Ben H

🕊 Consultant, Counselor, Mediator, Facilitator, Trainer on Nonviolent Communication. 🦒

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