Reflecting on Naval’s Quote v.2022–02

❶ Quote: The smarter you get, the slower you read

Contraposition [1] (CP)

the faster you read → there isn’t enough time to digest/integrate ideas → we don’t get smarter

Proof by contradiction (PC)

Suppose: The smarter you get & the faster you read

Not possible since we need time to integrate our new learning points.

❷ Quote: Happiness is there when you remove the sense of something missing in your life.

  • NVC version: Happiness arises when you let go of the judgement that something is missing in your life
  • Semi-formal form: when you let go of the judgement that something is missing in your life → happiness arises
  • Direct Proof: when you let go of the judgement that something is missing in your life = nothing is missing → nothing more I want → contentment, peace and happiness arise.

❸ Quote: The three big ones in life are wealth, health, and happiness. We pursue them in that order, but their importance is reverse

  • Assumption: the pain/pleasure principle is valid.
  • We can’t enjoy wealth when we don’t have health. Conclusion: Health is more important than wealth.
  • We can’t enjoy health when we aren’t happy.
  • “We pursue them in that order” → very obvious

❹ Quote: Money doesn’t buy happiness — it buys freedom

  • Suppose money buys happiness, then all rich people are happy; Elvis Presley was definitely rich, but he was so depressed that he eventually committed suicide. QED.
  • Suppose person P has money, P is free to work whenever and wherever and can buy the opportunity to buy a lot of things; P is therefore free. QED.

❺ The measure of wealth is freedom

  • semi-formal: wealth → freedom; obvious.

❻ The measure of health is lightness.

  • semi-formal: health → lightness; someone obese is obviously unhealthy; QED

❼ The measure of intellect is judgement

  • intellect → judgement; if P can’t judge, P’s intellect is obviously in question. QED.

❽ The measure of wisdom is silence

  • wisdom → silence; suppose P makes a lot of noise, P is obviously not wise.
  • the statement is poetically true.

❾ The measure of love is peace

  • love → peace
  • Suppose someone isn’t peaceful, Love is obviously not present. QED

❿ Better billionaires than kings

  • P1: wealth → freedom
  • P2: A king is not free. Example: He isn’t free to take a sabbatical as a king because he may then lose control.
  • Freedom is very important regardless.
  • QED

⓫ The two kinds of people — those who want money, and those who want status.

  • money → status
  • money → freedom.
  • pursuing status → pursuing self-validation
  • someone who pursues money is hence wiser.






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