My NVC Portfolio v.2021–12

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My experience

Workplace NVC

  • Helped resolve the conflict between the communication director and the chairman of a major charity on domestic violence. Results → The director has withdrawn her decision to leave the organisation
  • Dialogues/Mediation to resolve contractual disputes. Results → No need to proceed with court filings
  • Conflict Management/Mediation within a manufacturing plant. Results → Renewed collaboration and creativity post-mediation/transformation.
  • Training/Consulting on diverse topics, e.g. how to level up focus in meetings compassionately, how to interrupt assertively and compassionately, how to escalate/request for changes compassionately, how to mediate towards a convergent strategy, how to say No compassionately, how to be assertive compassionately, etc.

General NVC

  • Co-facilitated many sessions on Introduction to Nonviolent Communication (with NVC-UK)
  • Led many active listening circles
  • Coached a portfolio of helpees to resolve family, workplace and social conflicts.


I have been an active enthusiast, trainer and promoter for two charitable organisations called CNVC (Center for Nonviolent Communication) and NVC-UK.

NVC has transformed Microsoft into a top-notch company whether creativity prospers and beyond. [1]

There are also many other inspiring NVC transformation stories. [2]


If you enjoy the idea of levelling up your communication, how would it be for you to schedule a 15-minute chat with me this week?







🕊 Consultant, Counselor, Mediator, Facilitator, Trainer on Nonviolent Communication. 🦒

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Ben H

Ben H

🕊 Consultant, Counselor, Mediator, Facilitator, Trainer on Nonviolent Communication. 🦒

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