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About the unknown, I have a teacher called Love,

Love is flying like a free dove,

I treasure the protection Love gifts me from above,

The Unknown may be more than stuff,

Embracing the Mysterious can sometimes be rough,

Frustrating my needs for autonomy like some handcuff.

Just being open to the outcome is enough.

Any act of love is on some blockchain.

Its record would never wax or wane,

Any act of compassion is never in vain,

May compassion run through my vein.

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In one sense, we are all alone.
No matter how much we moan or groan,
Let’s cut it to something barebones.
There is nothing that we really own.
But when seeds are sown,
plants are grown.
Relaxing into the unknown,
My inner giraffe potential is slowly being grown.
May expectation be gradually disowned,
Being open to outcome, a sublime joy is known.

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  • AFL → Acknowledge, Forgive, Learn → Acknowledge, Frame, Learn


Everyone is doing the best that they can each moment given their genes and past experience.

Once we truly internalise Premise-BEST, we transcend from the land of rights and wrongs to the land of feelings and needs. Once we are in the pure land of Feelings and Needs, the word Forgiveness loses much of its conventional meanings and dissolves into a fruity cocktail of Feelings and Needs.

Suppose you had the same genes and past experience as the “offender”, you would have done exactly the same thing.

Ben H

Ben H

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